April 19, 2018

May Day 2018 – Raleigh

May Day Discussion & Celebration

Let’s Celebrate and use this upcoming  May Day to assess, envision, strategize, & plan together !!!

Tuesday, May 1, 2018 // 6:00pm

Fruit of Labor World Cultural Center (4200 Lake Ridge Dr.; Raleigh, NC 27604)

This May Day, the working class, especially Black & oppressed class sectors, must come together to better prepare our members and communities with an advanced political education and outlook on:

  • uniting our many fragmented and isolated fightbacks
  • our study from practice and theory( past and present) on building our power to resist, challenge this  rising tide of white supremacy, patriarchy  and oppression’
  • how we must develop and  engage our members in their workplaces , unions, communities to increase leadership capacity and broaden our movement

This May Day we must collectively  discuss  and assess: The Southern Workers Assembly/ Durham Workers Assembly, NC Black Liberation Assembly/Draft Freedom Manifesto  and  its hosting the upcoming May 18th -20th  National Assembly for Black Liberation, the new 2018 Poor Peoples Campaign, Mid-Term 2018 Electoral Battle Front, the Green Party’s new ballot status, U.S. Empire ‘s newest war in Syria and its re-colonizing of African Nations ( Don’t Forget the S###-Hole statement) and more!

Sponsored by the NC -Black Liberation Assembly/ Freedom Manifesto Study Action Group